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gb, kimberly jones, teri flores and their staff you are so worthless. and you don't even have common decent respect for any human. thank about if you family was in the shoes of a injury worker. would you treat them as if they were nothing. you all are so heartless. and for anyone who could take your side is heartless also. for you have never walked a mile in my shoes a mother who worked hard for a living know due to the insurance company and a injury i cant fully return to work.

the doctors stated i am on a very light duty with restrictions. and my job requires a lot of lifting and repetition. and the company i worked for and gb state i can full duty. hog wash. this is bs. i had to move due to i lost my house and strap with finances. and so now i live with family in another state or i would of been homeless with 2 children.

i tried looking for employment where i live now but cant find employment. due to i am still under care and work restrictions. so kiss my rear for i have tried.

mentally i cant take it. physically i cant take it. i cant take the bs anymore.

so what is left my death before gb and teri flores and kimberly jones gets up and do what is right. and pick up my payments and retraining that the doctors told them i need.

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I have the same issue. If it wasn't for my neighbors I would have food in the house.

They want me to live on $540 a month. I also lost seasonal jobs because this to

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