I've been dealing with this company for over a year now because of an accident caused by their insured. It took them about a year to accept liability, and now, six months later, I still have not received payment from them.

The handling adjuster, Amie Gentile, is a complete ***, not capable of handling a simple claim. One word can describe Amie Gentile - DUMB.

Because of this *** adjuster, I've had to file complaints with the California Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau.

I urge anyone dealing with Gallagher Bassett and with Amie Gentile to file complaints with the California Department of Insurance, and call Amie's supervisor directly, instead of dealing with this dummy who can't do her job.

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and i dont know where everyone keeps getting that the adjusters get bonuses for denying claims... adjusters and supervisors are salaried only.

no commissions no bonuses. apparently you people dont know how a work comp company really works.


you two both realize that if any information at all.. big or small that you are stating about the two NAMED adjusters are false and they have proof that they could sue you for slander...

just saying. :upset

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #633800

Bad claims handling by GBS in Honolulu...essentially all claims are deferred (really denied) as they stall approvals for basic medical treatment! Claims handler is Judy Rosete and her supervisor, Nadine, act as a team to delay every step of the process and retain bonus $for NOT paying claims!

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