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They very seldom return calls or emails. Spoke with a manager who kept to the party line and would not budge but insisted on a type of bid that no one does but public adjuster and they charge 10-18% of the claim.

I agreed to it if they would pay for the ajuster but they never answered.

Have some 60+ hours invested in my claim caused my WM garbage truck destroying the entrance to my home in Malibu. They sent out a boggus adjuster hired by their company that never would return a call or discuss his estimate. They only paid 1/3 of the lowest estimate.

In my opinion they are hired to refuse claims and keep cost down for unethical companies like WM (Waste Management). Horrible to deal with!!!I am now taking them to court for justice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I finally got paid only after I contacted corporate President and Vice President and set a demand letter threatening legal action did I receive payment.


THEY SUCK they need to back off and realize that we the people pay them so when we get injured that we can get help and fixed so we can go back to being productive members of society in stead they take our money and deny that there is an injury and fail to treat you so now I have to sit behind a desk instead of being able to work on what I love RV's I have been working on Motorhomes and Travel Trailers for over 35yr's and I loved my job not many people can say that but along comes Gallagher Bassett to deny I have a knee injury and refuses to give me the injections that will put me back on my feet my surgeon has requested time and time again for this authorization but thanks to having a *** ADJUSTER Anita Mc Daniels and her *** assistant Rhonda ??? I cant even get the money that is owed to me for going to these Dr's for the gas and mileage that I pay them for and get reimbursed for medications I have had to pay for so now the fight is on I have already talked to 2 news stations and they will be doing a story on the news for the no care of my needs so the fight is on and I will be BASHING EVERY WEBSITE I CAN FIND FOR THIS