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I would have definitely joined the class action if I didn't retain private counsel. The attorneys are the only ones to get paid in a class action.

I would personally like to thank Gallagher Bassett (especially Francesca Bolling) for being the most unethical and non-professional organization still in business. The uncaring attitude displayed by this company is the reason I sued them. If they would have acted in good faith from the beginning and not acted like everyone is a liar and out to get them. It would have saved them a whole bunch of money.

It is me who gets the last laugh...….to the tune of over 160k!!!!! My check came today. When it was all said and done, it cost Gallagher and Bassett over 250k for a claim that should have cost them around 50k. I wouldn't have sued if I got the proper care from the beginning.

I wish Gallagher Bassett was a public corporation because I would be writing the shareholders instead of Pissed Consumer.

Thanks again...Gallgher Bassett!!!

Greg M.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Claim.

Gallagher Bassett Pros: Me winning over 160k in a lawsuit.

Gallagher Bassett Cons: Workers comp claim being denied.

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Congratz on your victory. I desire to use your legal team that got you the compensation you deserve. I deserve it as well and I desire you to comment on my complaint and leave me the Attorney name and Lawfirm you hired for your Victory..


The attorneys' name was Tom Bacon and the office is located in Beaufort, S.C. You can google his name and go from there.

If the claim wasn't filed in S.C.

he may not be able to help you but he may be able to refer an attorney in your state. Best of luck and don't give up your fight!!


please reach out to me at i have been treated badly by this company. I sustained 7 injuries May 2018 I had one surgery and only occupational therapy over 14 plus months i have been injured and still not receiving my rightful indemnity biweekly payments, because they have been terminated for the 4 times in 14 months with the letter dated March 1st 2019 that my payments will continue until i return to work (no happening because my former employer terminated me) or my injuries become permanent or stationary, that isn't happening with 4 other major injuries that GB yet to accept under my current workers compensation claim they are handle for self insured company CR England Transportation Inc out of Southern California.