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May 2016

Keep in mind they are NOT an insurance they are a 3rd party administrator meaning the company who hired them to ascertain they're costs (meaning save them money aka if they pay you $50.00 they bill ducky do little $50.00+fee)

In the end GB takes a good chunk of the monies they saved by NOT paying you what you were entitled to as a nice fee

my husband has mentally depreciated (if such a thing) because of his Gallagher Bassett case Maria Sanchez out of NJ

he lost his job & his career & we are now loosing our home of 14 yrs all because of their rude unethical belligerent practices

Comp judge keeps giving awards & she does her best to ignore that fact & then spends months appealing it after months of already appealing it for months (did I miss something)

cant stand what his injury & comp case has done to us with all the stress & financial loss & we have 2 young children caught up in this nightmare. She makes nothing easy every inch is a battle (is she not human with no emotion or feelings how do they sleep at night ?)

So I guess there are no attorneys out there willing to take them on ?? Maybe one day like the lawyers in MD would be willing to go up against them for a major lawsuit lots of complaints against them on the web (over 400 just on here ) lots of money to be recouped & still to be made .... so ask around & keep your eyes open

This reviewer shared experience about "all of the above & then some" and wants this business to "law suit & new federal laws imposed that states cant change". This person is overall dissatisfied with Gallagher Bassett. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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You are correct in saying there should be a Class Action Lawsuit against Gallagher Basset. Did you try contacting your state Attorney General?

A family member of mine injured their self at a Harley Davidson plant, fortunately it was not bad but that is besides the fact. They should not be held accountable for the medical bills, HD should be. My heart goes out to you and your family, this is what AMERICA has become, greedy money hungry bastards. We pay for the poor, the rich can pay for themselves but who helps the middle class?

You can thank our liberal government for that.

Pray before you vote this November!!!! WWJD?

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