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The IME/RME neurosurgeon sided with my neurosurgeon, so my XLIF surgery is approved for March 27th.

Gallagher Bassett paid him $5,000.00 to get rid of me and it did not work. See where the money is wasted people?

I should be healing right now.

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I was injured all the way back in 1997.I was working at group homes for the STATE OF CT.

This ended up being part of a strategic scheme by now-in-jail, Governor Rowland, He mandated supervisors to "run us out" instead of laying people off. (See Sebac Vs Rowland) I went to a neurosurgeon they picked. He knew I was NOT trying to stay out of work. He wrote restrictions so I would not get re-injured.

An attorney followed up with a letter reiterating that, they would be putting my health at risk IF they moved me to Maple Street in Rocky Hill, which is 8 bed ridden clients in diapers. They refused to accommodate me, and over night, I got a call that I was being moved to this exact house with NO training and I was on ALONE. I ruptured L-4-5 and was then put on 100% disabled list. The neurosurgeon wrote.

Had the Dept of Mental retardation listened to my restrictions Ms _____ would be employable today. A WC commissioner sanctioned the state agency I worked for, because I proved they denied me several light duty office positions that would be a pay cut. So far, NOBODY has sided with this agency except GALLAGHER BASSETT. I obliged every "conservative" treatment they forced on me.

RADIO FREQUENCY in my low back has "frayed" the L-5 nerve in my left leg. That was discovered in the 1/18/16 fusion they finally approved, that needed to be completed in two surgeries. He did not want to "overload my back" as the outcome would not be as good, and could jeapordize the bone fusing. They had to wrap the "frayed" nerve in something to try and help it grow back.

Now the CLAIM ADJUSTER, JULIA COCO, in EAST HARTFORD, CT., is making me go to an IME, so they second half of the surgery is being stalled. The neurosurgeon even had me use my own private insurance to MRI my thoracic spine and cervical to be SURE it was ruled out, those area's have no bearing on my back injury. He went over the top to PROVE its the same injury as 1997. #Idiots I was down to (2) 10,mg oxycodone from 140MGS.

I weaned down MYSELF as none of these WC doctors will help you get off the stuff they prescribe. I went through *** last summer for 3 solid months. Now I have had to add OxyCONTIN because my shins are on fire from the delayed second half of a 2 part surgery. She is also violating a CHRO/EEOC settlement I WON in 2004.

They rarely rule in the complaintant's favor, but once supervisors grafittied my car in the workplace parking lot, they did. There is a gag order on the settlement, BUT, I made sure that the one thing that remains in tact was this accepted WC back injury. It is written into the agreement. She refused to file with FOA to get it.

I am not her secretary and I cannot get it for her. The state of CT., has gone through Alexis, GAB ROBBINS, BERKLEY and now Gallagher Bassett. They have no idea that I save EVERY SINGLE medical document, the ADA lawsuit plus the CHRO/EEOC documents (I cannot share it with them THEY have to get it through Freedom of Information) They are violating that agreement and denying me care that was already determined to be "medically necessary". This neurosurgeon is trying to fix all the stupidness of the Pain mgmt facility that thinks, burning a major nerve in my left leg with a 180 degree needle, was going to be helpful to my back.

Now I have acute scoliosis, foraminal narrowing and L-3 is HERNIATED. I can barely walk. I never saw the word scoliosis in any MRI or CT scan in my life. It happened because my back is weakening with their constant delays.

Why can't these pencil pushing clowns not be sued for delaying care and causing me to worsen by forcing me to go along with something as harsh as this? Some woman commissioner told me, "you need to do RF more then one time for it to work and I can cut you off for refusing medical treatment." I said to her, "are you going to be liable if I end up in the ER and a wheelchair with spaghetti legs AGAIN? She shut her face at that point and approved the osteopath. 16 years I waited and jumped through all there ignorance and now, they are nasty and mean.

I could be healing from surgery #2 right now. Instead I sit on ice, take hot baths, and have been forced to go backwards on the weaning process. Spending $5,000.00 to get a BIASED opinion is going to back fire on her. She has no idea the paperwork that is going to put this paid off IME neurosurgeon in a tight spot.

I also have a copy of a 1999 IME and that neurosurgeon wrote everything to verify my complaints are valid, I am "pleasant woman who truly loves her job and wants to go back to work." Meanwhile the STATE OF CT.

has fought me tooth and nail to NOT go back to work ever.There goes the sterotype that we are all lazy *** trying to stay home.

Review about: Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Approved first half of 2016 surgery in 10 days.

I didn't like: Denied second half of 2 part lumbar surgery, Lies about who makes decisions for dr, Tries to make you switch doctors.

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