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Gallagher and Bassett continues to manipulate doctors, impairment review people and, most importantly, injured employees. Their techniques are preposterous, from taking their sweet {{Redacted}} time to having you sent to their puppets who support them and could give two s**ts about you.

It is time to file a class action suit to put them out of business.

Their reviews clearly illustrate their mishandling of claims by injured employees. Who wants to join the class action suit?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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These people are absolutely worthless. I hope they all get hit by cars when they are crossing the street.

I'm going to become an insurance adjuster because it seems their are no morals and you don't have to do *** except ignore people.

Are you hiring GB? I could be great at that job considering that's what I am doing now since I got injured and you are taking you good ole damn time approving my treatments.


I’ll join have dealt with them since 1992


I’m going through this right now. I just said to a friend they need a class action lawsuit. Count me in!


I will gladly join I'm having issues with them now.. I had surgery on my hand from one of their doctors in still having problems with my wrist and elbow and shoulder I only did surgery on my wrist that still hurts when i asked him about my shoulder and elbow pain he told me he wasn't authorized I asked the case manager why she told me that she had to contact the adjuster who then told her she had to get the go ahead from her boss I'm still having shoulder wrist and elbow pain but the doctor has released me back to work but while right side from wrist to elbow to upper shoulder is in pain this company is horrible...


Sign me up ,


They are crooks. Cheat injured workers and lie. They make sure medical treatment is cheap and your insurance pays not them.


God bless Hashem we must take our lives back and not get fired for doing everything properly.


I have been going through this *** for two years!!! Denied everything the Doctors say I need. They have ruined my life!!!!!!

to Kim #1596972

Go back to work. Take responsibility.

to Kim #1597266

They sent me back to teach at risk 8th graders while on copious amounts of Percocet. they did provide a driver for me seems you can’t drive on that amount of pain killers but you can teach science.


I'm in!They scheduled an IME and didn't notify my attorney.I have a new attorney and this evil place said oh I would have paid him if he didn't miss the IME.Bs it's been 6 months and no pay .I need major surgery.Class action lawsuits against the evil company


I'm having the worst of luck with these guys. I need 1 question answered and it seems they all have the title " Senior Resolution Manager" And all i get from the emails are Auto Replies...

Have tried to get in contact with 5 people now going through all the Alt POC emails and every time its Out of the office. They should be shut down farea.


Please if there is an class action settlement make it public so that everyone entitled can be made aware. Their services as well as employers stink. I'm asking to please write back as to the needing of information to follow up.

to Anonymous #1500134

Class action lawsuit.I'm in


I agree, these clowns should be working at McDonald's (sorry about the insult McD!) My claims rep is a sarcastic *** She refuses to compensate me for a doctor's day off like I was trying to take it out of her bank account.You're right, I was injured on 2/20 and I can't see their phony doctor until 5/1, in the meantime I've been made to work with an injured back! Get ready lady, my lawyer will be in touch!!!!

to Tim #1464314

Just be patient they stink and work at frustrating you to get people to go back to work before they are physically ready. At least they are letting you work.I was hit by a car while at work left for dead on the side of the road for 3 hours.Spent a total of 6 months in the hospital and was read my last rites and told I wouldn't walk.I have had 3 different adjusters and only one worked with me. Everything done is like a big job getting it started and threats of none payment of bills they shouldn't be able to do these things

to compssucks #1500145

How are you doing?Absolutely terrible how a group of people can treat other people so terrible.Wait until it happens to one of them.I hope you are doing better.Class action lawsuit?

to TepidPlatypus #1596974

Worker comp is exclusive remedy. You can not sue.

to Tim #1500141

That is absolutely terrible.It will suck for them if you further injure yourself at work.That's exactly what happened to someone I know and he now needs major surgery.Please consider joining in on a class action lawsuit.

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