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Gallagher and Bassett continues to manipulate doctors, impairment review people and, most importantly, injured employees. Their techniques are preposterous, from taking their sweet {{Redacted}} time to having you sent to their puppets who support them and could give two s**ts about you.

It is time to file a class action suit to put them out of business.

Their reviews clearly illustrate their mishandling of claims by injured employees. Who wants to join the class action suit?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had a 3 level neck fusion 3 years ago and for the last almost 2 years have been trying to get into my doctor to see what is going on with my hardware. No denials, no replies back to my lawyer.

They just stopped my medical treatment, it's destroyed my life and they need to be stopped. Where do I sign !


Absolutely in. Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with.

They are criminals. Please tell me where to sign.


Where can I join harley101767@yahoo.com


Where do I join this suit


Where do I sign up at... Class action...


My experience with them has been really bad. Has a suit been filed? How do I join in?


has there been a class action lawsuit filed and who has the information?


I am already in a lawsuit with them


Yes my sis is an attorney she said a very big firm is doing " behind scene stuff to bring class action big big firm teaming up with another.

to RubberyRottweiler940 #1639882

I am having difficulty getting them to pay claims for services they pre-approved over six months ago. I’ve called my adjuster several times and have left her messages, I’ve also left messages with her back up but still no results. So frustrating!


I have a workers comp lawsuit against them Their doctors said I was able to go back to work Talked to an attorney to get a second opinion doc Their doc said I had the option of having surgery due to pain and instability Good thing I chose surgery because I had bone fragments, cartilage damaged, and a torn ligament


I'm also in .Gallager Bassett is the worst e er. The judge in ca ordered them to pay me 22,000 in back pay and weekly ttd of 887 they only have 30 days to pay or face penalties its now day 28.

.Their attorney disrespected Me,& the judge and my attorney and was also sanctioned. Them and their attorneys are slimeballs

to Anonymous #1615520

So true


Class action I'm in and shouldn't the company who continues to use Gallagher Bassett knowing how many issues and how many of us, many of their injured employees are not being helped in a reasonable amount of time or even taken seriously should also be held accountable I was sent back to full duty injuries unresolved neither human resources, or even company managers have taken any of this information seriously . Instead I tolerate x unreasonable expectations,workloads,harassment pay cuts,fulse information on a yearly review and more leading up to manager falsifying documentation resulting in termination.


Absolutely, Count Me In.


These people are absolutely worthless. I hope they all get hit by cars when they are crossing the street.

I'm going to become an insurance adjuster because it seems their are no morals and you don't have to do *** except ignore people.

Are you hiring GB? I could be great at that job considering that's what I am doing now since I got injured and you are taking you good ole damn time approving my treatments.


I’ll join have dealt with them since 1992


I’m going through this right now. I just said to a friend they need a class action lawsuit. Count me in!


I will gladly join I'm having issues with them now.. I had surgery on my hand from one of their doctors in still having problems with my wrist and elbow and shoulder I only did surgery on my wrist that still hurts when i asked him about my shoulder and elbow pain he told me he wasn't authorized I asked the case manager why she told me that she had to contact the adjuster who then told her she had to get the go ahead from her boss I'm still having shoulder wrist and elbow pain but the doctor has released me back to work but while right side from wrist to elbow to upper shoulder is in pain this company is horrible...


Sign me up ,

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