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Gallagher and Bassett continues to manipulate doctors, impairment review people and, most importantly, injured employees. Their techniques are preposterous, from taking their sweet {{Redacted}} time to having you sent to their puppets who support them and could give two s**ts about you.

It is time to file a class action suit to put them out of business.

Their reviews clearly illustrate their mishandling of claims by injured employees. Who wants to join the class action suit?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My husband .. we have been doing with them since feb.18 2016


Where do i sign up. Email me all information Johnbullock10@gmail.com They have withheld my medication fot 2 weeeks now and have disregarded all new 2019 FDA guidelines about opiods.


Thank you for this. Class action suit needs to be filed.


I agree and would join that lawsuit


We can file for a R.I.C.O. case against them..

let me know .. I have the summons and complaints ready to go...

to ParallelDove498 #1675947

Please all here review the messages . We have someone offering help in a legal capacity. PleaseEmail me at felinefran5@gmail.com


I am a legal advisory and I can help with filing a lawsuit against them

to Anonymous #1675940

Let's do it. Felinefran5@gmail

to Anonymous #1675948

I'm with you! What about everyone else here?

How pissed are you?

Let's get them shut down. Felinefran5@gmail.com

to Anonymous #1685328

What state I desperately need legal advice on how to get their attention and the company I worked for for continuing to use this workers comp. Gallagher Bassett has caused irreversible damage by stalling treatments my mgmt.

team gave me no support in dealing with their lack of action, sense of urgency I was injured in 2014 and sent back after 6 months without proper treatments to repair the damage done to my shoulder and rotator cuff, causing more muscle, tendon, and ligament problems. The pain has gotten unbearable . I was demoted unfairly in 2017.

Terminated 2018 even though I still refused to give up and quit the Food and beverage mgr. False statements and created a hostile unsafe working environment, intentionally understaffed,and refused to accommodate my needs and intentionally destroyed tools I need to be physically able to stand and work with less pain, I have so much more information and questions about wage theft, retaliation harassment, bullying , false documentation, discrimination, and not following company policies can Gallagher Bassett and the company I worked for be held equally responsible for my irreversible damage, mentally and physically??


Everyone here please go to class action.org and tell them your story about G&B. The more people that contract them better chance they will file it. Let's do this!


I'm looking into filing a class action lawsuit myself. Anyone that wants to be included can email me at felinefran5@gmail.com


I'm proposing we as a group of injured workers from various states file it ourselves. No attorney will touch it.

to Anonymous #1686255

I totally agree




Where do I sign. I’m going through a horrible experience with them right now. They have no morals


They're a fraud.


I had a 3 level neck fusion 3 years ago and for the last almost 2 years have been trying to get into my doctor to see what is going on with my hardware. No denials, no replies back to my lawyer.

They just stopped my medical treatment, it's destroyed my life and they need to be stopped. Where do I sign !

to Wendy #1675828

Not to diminish your situation but you are actually one of the few that actually had their surgery approved. I believe that the *** attorneys are in with the WC insurance companies and the opposing counsel.

This is my opinion. They split the money that is saved and the lawyers could give two *** about us... the injured workers. I had my medicine paid for and that was it.

Got stuck with all the medical bills after attorney number 4 screwed me and I finally settled because I fell into the trap of them trying to make sure that you go broke. Don't ever tell your attorney that you are going broke because that's slimeball attorney go ahead to *** you over big time. As for G&B there's a special place in *** for this place and the other WC insurance companies are just as bad but G&B takes it to an entire different level. I'm now looking to sue the doctors and have called a few *** attorneys but they are afraid to take on doctors even when the case is clear cut.

Good luck with your case . Icing on the cake is if someone who never even worked gets into a car accident and isn't even injured gets a 10k settlement minimum.

to Wendy #1680271

I'm going through a horrible experience with them right now I'm permanente impairment my condition Medical reach plateau they just stopped my Medical treatment now have a Frozen Shoulder i need help please!!

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