This company needs to be investigated. They steal from the companys they work for and do not do the job intended.

However, the companys who hire them probably get just what they want. An insurance company that screws the employee and saves them money. Where has loyalty to an employee who has given blood sweat and tears for them gone. This should be illegal. And any one who works for them endorses this practice. I guess anyone can be bought for 30 pieces of silver.

We need to get the media involved in disputes with this company. Also the states need to stand up to them then they do not comply with orders from the state. Where is justice in this country? Where is fairness and fighting for the rights of others. This is why we need government intervention. I pay my taxes and I want the government to represent me when crooks like this take advantage of me. They force you to get an attorney so that you will lose part of your money and they sit back and feel vindicated.

Have we on empathy for the injured?

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Beonka, the attitude like that is exactly why GB gets the bad reputation that it has. If you represent them, they dont stand a chance!!!!!!!


I work with Gb as a claims specialist. We try to encourage everyone to go back to work to save our clients money on health cost.

Our effective goals allow our clients to later have opportunity to find ways to end employer employee relationship to avoid future cost later on. After a couple years after returning back to work with costly medical condtions that are certain to get worse allows our client to fire that employee for some reason before making a new claim for the same condition. Its perfectly legal. We have large company clients such as UPS and some major airlines that makes us the best.

We don't care if you are hurt. If its that bad you should file for social security disability. We are not worried about state laws because we have most in our pockets to start with. They Judge is not going to help the employee we own him to.

So suck it and go back to work of we can stop your checks without notice or hold them for weeks at a time.

Get a Lawyer you will only get pocket change after you get your total amount. Go back to work dead beats.


Has anyone questioned why Gallagher & Bassett has printed the words third party administrator commentary in their defense. They came to me under a workmans comp company and spoke to me once, women stated she was my claims adjuster. In the printed commentary written there stating they are a third party for the injured employee's company,so what does all that mean, that there handling workmans comp claims without being the workman's comp insurance for the company, if that's true, then ask yourselves who is!!!!!!!!

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