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When i call for my checks and ask why they never send it on time i get the words like '' we are not the post office '' and that is bull since my leg is

aputated and don't have no other income and i depend on those checks since that is all i get right now. The case manager Alicia Cromje never call you

back and they act like you are nothing or why you even trying to get any workers comp from them. I never imagend they just don't care wether you die or not.

I am very pissed off since cant even live of the money they send me,i can sit on a intersection and make more money to help out with my bills but that

will make me a ***.

Monetary Loss: $60789.

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Any time i call the "current" adjustor, they are gone on vacation. I think I have had 4 "current" adjustors in less than 1 year.


I have had the same problem with my checks being sent... They tell me they get sent Tuesday but I don't receive them until the next monday.

I live two houra away I'd rather drive to them. Also u can never get a hold of a claim adjuster.. Call call and call some more leave messages and still no call back worst company ever. So sick of all the round about I don't care about you attitude.

They approve a consultation to see a Dr but nothing more..... Uhhh ya tht makes a lot of sense


Yes, I have a better one for all. What happens when your adjuster goes on vacation and your check is not going to get to you.

You have to be entered on automatic check printing on their system.

Human error is deadly, meaning you have to get a Supervisors help...Good Luck..! Can't always blame the Post Office...!

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