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Gallagher Bassett provides a service, in fact many services.I think they make their money out of what many would call a "Run araound" Statements like let me help you, and it will take time,, but then play the game of never returning the call, saying it is out of my hands and putting it back to the company that hired them only to hear that the company has no control over the decision to pay or not to pay it is the insurane company Gallagher Bassett.

Which bb y the way is not a true statement, the state does not show them as an Insurance company, the state only shows them as a third party adjuster... What a scam... My ordeal comes from Holiday Inn,,, I left my room at about 7:30 am and returned at abou 4PM to see a door wedged open... I went to the front desk and a employee and I returned to find a room open and am I pad gone.

A statement from the maintence person says the lock showed only one entry and that was House keeping... Hmmm all those hours and no one else except the door was wedged and open a length of time??? Ipad gone but Gallagher Bassett wants to play games.

Tey wont return calls, and they act as if they dont wnat to settle this...MY sugestion is DONT STAY AT HOLIDAY INN and you wont have to deal with these JERKS

Monetary Loss: $975.

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