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Really don't know what its like to be insured by them, but filed a claim through them after being hit by a bus insured by them. It took them three months to total out the depreciated volvo I bought, and the agent in my claim was extremely hard to get a hold of.

They did have me in a rental for the entire time of the processing of the claim (good on them) and they did compensate the total loss properly.

While this was fine, both the garage I had the car at and the rental car agency, had extreme difficulty contacting the agent as well, putting multiple calls and emails daily over the span of several weeks. I assume that the case got lost amongst the busyness of the holiday season, and they covered the claim, but i'd hate to be the bus company that hit me fitting the bill for the claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I am experiencing the same issue! A recycling truck bashed the side of my vehicle while parked and i was at work!

This happened at the beginning of january! It took almost a month just to get an adjuster to come and look at my vehicle and a week after that yo get my info to take to my collison center to get work done! It is now march and my car is STILL sitting at the collision center!!

The mechanics can not get ahold of these idiots to even receive payment so my car is being held there until they do so and the repairs have been done almost 3 weeks ago!! This is ridiculous


I an experiencing the same attempts to delay my simple claim. They keep telling me I can file with my own insurance if I don't want to wait on them to complete their investigation.

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