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I just have to say that not all the adjusters are as horrible as I am reading in here. I thinkin I’m lucky. I was injured in 2017 whole working and my adjuster is awesome. Danielle is fair and professional and returns my calls. I’m in NYC and the process is conphusinf...
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Did they tell you they have direct deposit? Lol didn't think so they have been telling me the same thing the mail is not their fault not to mention telling me my checks come from CT.I just went along with it until it started affecting my credit score because after the auto quit paying me things got tough and tight and have to run like a fine oiled machine or as they say a tight ship.When it got tight my bills and credit started to suffer.

I am not over extended at all but tight. But when you go from making $130,000 a year to $41,000 *** happens. See there is a State Max for each state per week. GB pays me is less than 50% of my wages.

Fed law is 66% but if you reach the max no matter if you make a million a year you will be lucky to get 900 a week. I don't get 900 and if you go on SSD they adjust your SSD so you don't make enough to pay for anything but what has to be paid.I have had 3 different adjusters the first one was uninvolved at any level just denied anything that wasn't a doctor bill, held checks until last minute which is 30 days from due day. Yes all legal.The best adjuster was my temp while replacing the first one. Checks were on time, we figured out bills, things got paid.This third one is the worst and her first call with me was well Mr.

????? they didn't hire me to pay all your bills and keep you on WC in fact Mr. ???? get use to living at a lower standard of living.Now sadly for them this wasn't a normal accident and I was almost killed, read my last rites, was told after I lived I would never walk.

I live as you can see and walk. With pain almost every step, pelvis pain, shoulders, leg , ankle, back and the worst is something I don't see coming and its a leg that goes out and I have no feeling suddenly and I fall.I have bills in collections from doctors and have a lawyer seeing that they are getting paid.It is not a charity case and doctors say I will never return to my position. These are my last 15 years to work, kids are out on their own. Paid for two college degrees with one still in college.

Wife passed away in 08 so its been a rough road.To make an ending of this I get they have a job but being rude is not one of them some people scam WC mine is not and I am lucky to be living or should feel lucky but there are times I don't.I explained to GB that soon I will seek a lawyer to file suit against my adjuster personally for my credit score. I am 100% sure GB will deny telling here to hold my checks, see I noticed that post marks are the same on both EOB and checks which means they come from the same place. Post marked the same day but arrive 6 to 10 days difference between them. What that means someone is postmarking checks mailing EOBs but holding the checks and mailing them later just to upset me.It is nice you have a good adjuster but if you are on this longer than the normal time frame her attitude will change not because she is an *** but because she will be being directed to do so.My adjuster is just a mean as a snake.

I took a look at her FB and understand why. I didn't stalk her just a peek to see the face that spews this disrespectful attitude towards me and others have heard it over a speaker phone.

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