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I was working a part time as a cleaner & inhaled some chemicals which is 100% negligence on the Idaho Center!!! I just could not breathe, walk far or get out of bed & function.

After a few ER visits I was sent to a specialist & diagnosed with RADS and now have 3 inhalers! My RX was sent to pharmacy but Gallagher asset wasn't approving them so I went without meds for 2 long weeks, left 6 voicemails because nobody would answer a call or resolve the issue & I begged for & desperately pleaded for the needs to be approved. Gallagher Bassett now has repeated ER visits to compensate for as a result if being neglegant! As im in week 3 of Dr ordered no work I called the state commission fit assurance with Gallagher Bassett lack of action & compensation.

Amy called & took ANOTHER incident report & asked me to fax get my pay stubs which I did immediately that day!! I called her 2 days later & she stated she didn't know if the fax came & rudely informed me she wouldn't be mailing a check until the 28th day basically cause she can! Ok.. so the 28th day arrives & I have to have all my belongings out of my apartment & have no money for a storage and I receive papers that need release signatures in place of the check and am unable to keep my belongings!

A professional insurance company would have typically mailed those forms weeks ago? Now I'm homeless & have list all my household belongings and have RADS so I can't physically do much!!

This company is incompetent and unprofessional, does not comply nor abide with state & federal laws!! My life has been destroyed because I trusted & relied on an established insurance company to guide, guard &go beyond like the company Moto stated...

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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