Fresno, California
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WE can complain all we want about this nightmare company, but they are not the one suffering we all are, lets fight for our rights, we need to start a class action lawsuit against them. and file criminal charges against them.

contact me at i will be on my way to las vegas, from fresno because that's were my claim is. I'm going to the governor office and file a claim against them. then I'm going to the district attorneys office to file criminal charges.

I'm contacting the news stations let's fight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Claim.

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I'm totally in for suing them! They're making everyone's lives miserable!


Count me in for this. I have been out of work for over a year and most of the time lost is due to my claim adjusters being changed so many times, lack of communication BIG TIME, no returned phone calls and they take forever to approve meds and procedures.

I feel if they were to stay on top of their clients people would return to work a lot sooner. All this time out of work is affecting my retirement. Very unprofessional and unreliable. Major lack of communication and always out of the office.

That's why they don't get their work done! Please count me in on the class action law suit!


Lets sue their *** .


Did anyone here get any response regarding their complaints? Was a lawsuit filed?


I'm six months with a broken ulna and nerve damaged hand from being forced to continue working. Now I have no income as Gallagher will not approve my care. They've been advised of surgery before being released from their selected ortho and will not approve my legal right to a second opinion which will disclose more damage of my limb.


I am all for it


Did anyone start a lawsuit against them?


My daughters vehicle was hit by a waste management truck this past Monday. These people will not retuen calls.

She needs a vehicle to get back and forth to work.

Her fiance was injured. I am contacting an attorney and the news....this is rediculous


Seriously... This is a great idea.

After seeing what my Daughter's husband has been through, we're in favor and will sign in for a suit against them. Once he has his surgery, which took them 7 months to authorize, we will know more about any permanent issues it looks like he may have.


I been injured almost 4months ago still waiting for treatment been in bed since n they denied my claim n got no income my family and I are in hardship I will sign n yes I have a good attorney they making everything very difficult


They need to be sued they do nothing. They took two years to accept that I was injured and the only way they paid was I had surgery.

Now they stopped paying me my claims, because I got sick and did not get an acceptable Dr.

note. One of the Dr's that treated me.


Class action lawsuit AGAINST GB


@jay, I'm a latest victim.


I live in illinois and would like to be included if a class action suit is filed


Lissakanhai@yahoo.Com interested in class action lawsuit and I have a few questions.


Jodi Greer

I lost my 20 year career with continental/United we merged. So, United reduced the length of leave allowed for an occasional injury down, so there's no way an employee can navigate the evil dealing of Gallagher Bassett in time to meet that max leave I was administratively terminated while I'm still waiting on a surgery that would get me back to work and get my life back.

Nope I'm still waiting. They also took away my nurse case manager who was trying hard to help me the same month United reduced the leave policy. No supervisors would help me get prompt medical care. Hundreds of flight attendants are in a horrid situation in fear of reaching the max time allowed and lose their jobs.

It's purposely done. So evil, ruining people's life's.

@jay, I'm in Reno, NV and have several legal issues with GB regarding my Disability Checks. I've been on WC since 09/02/2017.


What were the specifics of your case against them? I also have an issue with them that should be looked at closely.. you can contact me at


Any success? Did you file criminal charges?