Rockwood, Tennessee
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I was extremly injured on 10-05-12 I was air lifted by UT Life Star

and spent time in ICU @ UT Hospital. A workers comp claim was filed by my employer on that day. I was sent back to UT Hospital

On approx 10-25-12 for another direct admit for about 4 days.

My workers comp claim @ Gallagher Bassett Services was denied

on about 10-15-12 and to date no medical bills have been paid.

and no comp for missed work have ever been paid. I was out of work for about 10 weeks. I am ready to seek a class action suit for wrong doing. Any one can contact me directly at Travis Crabtree

1100 Ladd Landing #23 Kingston, Tn 37763

Review about: Gallagher Bassett Claim.

Monetary Loss: $9500.

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I actually was able to get workers comp attorney into court after 2 years of dodging court dates.

On 9-12-14 we were in court workers comp attorney G Gerald Jabely actually paid the judge and my attorney off to not contest his motion to dismiss all charges against Gallaher Bassett.

and then proceeded offer a low ball offer of $2500.00 to settle the case . The judge dismissed my case that day.

and that forced me to have to settle it for $2500.00 even though I wanted to appeal the case and take it to a higher court.

California, United States #862829

I have had a similare nightmare with them and the adjusters are Anne Chow and Joleen Banta.This company does not work in the injuried parties best interest, they do NOT care about your pain or to even bother with you.

The customer they care about is the employer and the mission of the injured should be to bother the CEO of the company and G&B every day......The other thing is if enough people are willing is to bring this to the attention of the media.

The more people whom start complaining for change the better it is.

Albany, New York, United States #815245

I also have been having difficulty with Gallagher Bassett since filing my claim in 2011.I would like to start a class action suit as well.

You can reach me at rhunter1954@verizon or (518)817-7956.I am beyond frustrated and would now like to take this a step further.



Are there more people than you involved in your injury?If not yoour injury doesn't qualify for a class action suit.

A class action suit includes a large group of people. You can sue them, if you can find an attorney to take the case. But be sure you have all of the paper work that you have received. You will need all that paperwork, you can't just tell an attorney your side of the story, because there are two sides to every story.

What did your employer put on the paper work that he filled out? That could tell a lot of the story. In the paperwork that you got denying your claims what reason did they have I think there is part of the story missing. Number one, if you had to be airlifted to the hospital, I find it hard to believe that you only spent time in the ER, if you were so badly injured that you had to be airlifted.

Who made the decision that you had to be airlifted? Usually it is law enforcement and EMTs that make that decision, and that is only if the injuries are so bad that you might die before getting to the ER, if you were transported by ambulance. What type of injuries did you receive?

Why were you sent home and then had to be readmitted?As far as your statement that anyone can reach you and then you give your complete mailing address, you will probably be receiving all kinds of weird mail, and maybe even visitors.

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