I first received a call from a rep who identified herself as "from Costco". That was a LIE. She was not "from Costco", she was a third party, employee of Gallagher Bassett Services, contracted by Costco to follow-up on incident reports. During phone call #1, the woman, Freda E., was cordial and said she received my injury report filed as a result of an incident that took place at a Costco and needed to get my statement on what occurred to process the report accordingly. As she spoke, she kept saying, "our job" and "what I do is..." so I asked her if she worked for Costco or was she contracted by Costco to review such reports. That is when she identified herself as Gallagher Bassett. Now, I am a gov't contractor and one thing you always do is make it CLEAR upon introduction that you are a CONTRACTOR. You are not FROM Costco. You are calling on BEHALF of Costco! I should have stopped the conversation immediately, but I had not requested anything from Costco for there to be reason for caution, so I gave a statement of what happened leading to my filing an injury report. Freda E. seemed neutral and non-bias and promised to call me back in a week to receive word of my appointment and update me on her findings. I am still a bit unclear of what she's looking for because I didn't file a CLAIM or COMPLAINT asking for ANYTHING. I filed an injury report. But -- Gallagher Bassett had already made an ASSumption of my intentions and the second phone call would prove how bias, incompetent, unprofessional and ASININE this company and representative, Freda, truly are.

So, I receive a call today from Freda who once again announces herself as "from Costco". She then runs down the "findings of her investigation". Wait -- investigation? So no longer is she reviewing an incident report -- she's investigating my "claim". And she found no liability from Costco for my injury because "they didn't cause the injury, another member did". I'm listening, but I am still stuck on her saying she's investigating a claim. I never made a claim -- I completed an incident report. She says that's the same thing and then finishes her "DENIED" speech. I ask her to wait and start asking the basis of her conclusion when she never explained any of the process and she IMMEDIATELY gets defensive and says "I am not about to argue with you". Oh -- ok. Here we go. How typical. You mislead conversation, you pretend to be a neutral party -- you do a one-sided "investigation" that I didn't even know was taking place -- and now you are calling me snappy and rude because I am asking the questions I would have asked had you (during the first call) inform me properly of your intentions and process moving forward.

Meanwhile, I bring up the conversation I had with Costco management the day of the incident, same details I shared with her upon her REQUEST the first conversation -- and she tells me she has nothing to do with any of that she "just does liability" and thats between "you and Costco". Note -- now she emphasizes her not being Costco! Now, she makes clear her objective! AFTER THE FACT and only because she felt challenged does the truth come out! (And how nasty was she in letting it come out!) Lastly, to date, I've received nothing in writing ever from them, So Freda E. says, I am sending a denial letter out today. But again, how can you file a denial to claim when I never made an initial one?

I am now contacting Costco corporate offices and hopefully they provide me the courtesy and followup I need to feel comfortable still patronizing their stores. This company, meanwhile, needs to be fired. Their staff -- particularly Freda E. -- is the worst!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Call from Management; Correct misled investigation.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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Filing an injury report is filing a claim. As a third party administrator on behalf of Costco she wasn’t misleading when she said she was calling Fromm Costco. Your claim was denied because Costco was found not to be at fault for your alleged injury.Please know that an incident report must be reported to the insurer and it is a claim.

to NYAdjuster426 #1459549

Lucky for me I received a callback from the rude reps supervisor discrediting everything in your reply. But thanks anyway!

to Anonymous #1464310

Funny how when you a person takes an online coarse to become a adjuster for 6 weeks they know everything and she backed up the adjuster because she has the same mindset. Saying she is an employee for Costco is a lie point blank. Her company is under contract for Costco doesn't mean she is an employee of Costco.

to anonymous #1464317

Exactly. Crooks and cons stick together !

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