Lexington, Kentucky

I'm surprised you're actually still alive. I work for a healthcare provider and have called NUMEROUS times to check on the status of an auth request for a patient.

Have been trying literally every week for a month and have YET to speak to a human or even have a call returned. have called the adjuster handling the claim and his supervisor...NOTHING. Apparently this company saves money by not answering the phones so they don't have to approve or deny services.

My advice if this company is handling your claim? Settle because you'll probably be dead waiting to hear back on whether you can have your treatment or not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So true.......sent me to their IME, who was a joke,didn't hear back from his report for 5 weeks......then when I did my surgery was denied.......I read his report and things were inaccurate and taken out of context......but really didn't expect anything less, that is what they hire their IME's to do.....checks were never consistent time wise......lies lies lies that's all I can say


I gotta agree. I have been dealing with these bastards for 8 months.

Even with both side having an attorney I have gotten NO WHERE!!! GB does not care.

They will do everything in there power to *** over.

I have been waiting 6 weeks now for my money and all I get is a bunch of lame excuses.

They know they can get away with it and do just that.

Someone needs to stand of for injured workers.

WTF is Workers Comp for if they dont protect the worker. After 9 months I am still awaiting knee surgery.....

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