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Gallagher Bassett Delaid medical treatment (my surgery) for 9 months which caused permanent loss of range in motion and permanent work restrictions. Workers comp is the exchange of giving up a tort claim and sueing your employer for medical treatment........This is a game for G&B and they should be held accountable for their actions.

Anne Wong is one adjuster and Joleen Banta was the other and they should be held personally accountable in addition to G&B.

Starbucks risk management was no help in moving the process a long and for Howard Schultz to preach "do the right thing because it's the right thing to do" and his company have and hire people who don't follow his direction is pathetic.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Bassett. Representing Medicare audits they sent me a bill for $44432.18.

Due in full by Jan 24 this year. False audit. They saw I fell in 2012 so all my bills since then. They want back.

Yes I fell had concussion. But I did not get any money or ssue. So I don’t owe back. My cardiac follow up cancelled.

Pending settlement of these false accusations. Im 76 and only income Medicare


I’m in and going to state this for my daughter and all of you be back with info soon!


I'm in to. hurt my self at work saw their doctor two months later who said I've healed up without physical therapy have Other doctor's who stated after him I'm not at full recovery they wanna hurry an settle.

Im still in pain but have no choice to settle an use the money to get the help my body needs.

Their adjuster took two months to send me to a doctor who lied for them. A doctor who has being sued many times.


I will be in for a ca lawsuit against them. Pain and suffering for me and my family. They pay when they want going against court order and are always late and saying it's the post office.

to Cody #1457836

It's been a week now me and my girlfriend almost died because an idiot driving a huge delivery truck for fryes electronics ran a red light... g and b still have not contacted either one of us.. I am in also...


I would definitely stand by this 100%. Lets foIt!!


This place needs a class action lawsuit.

Let's do it.


I'm in


Yes i would also


Count me in for pain they have caused me and my family xxx


I would love to file a CA lawsuit

to Anonymous #1455230

I’m in too. These commies need to be eliminated.

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