Pahrump, Nevada

Amazing that these guys are still in business. I have a legit claim, reviewed by 2 top docs in Las Vegas.

They have some hired rookie write up a review about my condition and at the very end he hides in there he's never seen me or my MRI's. My case is black and white. It's been dragging on for 7 months, I have not received a dime. They finally agreed to open it, about 3 weeks ago, but I still have not received a dime.

No back pay, no reimbursements for the medical expenses I paid and all my gas money for the 2 hours of driving I have to do for each doc appointment. They blatantly ignored the hearing officers orders, they blatantly disregard the law and when I finally got a phone call back, Jackie just yelled at me and very rudely told me I'm not going to get a dime for my back pay?!?

If anyone has filed a class action lawsuit on them please let me know. I have not lawyered up yet, would rather not share my back pay with anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Claim.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Pay my claim, back pay, interest and disability. .

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Contact your local Department of Insurance. Make sure you have your facts in front of you. The Nevada DOI will be knocking on their door to investigate your complaints in VERY short order


Having a lot of problems with this company. does anyone know where Adrianna or Renea office is located . N o one will tell me.


To the *** saying: "If you had an actual claim, they would have paid for the treatment". Obviously, you did not read more than one complaint.

This "company" by rote, denies workers, abuses workers, is beligerant, disrespectful, amoral and emotional terrorists. Case after case after case, the same thing: disrespect American Workers who have a RIGHT to be compensated for their injuries.

Because of your ignorance, I bless you ten fold, with EVERYTHING these workers have experienced. Good luck.


If you had an actual claim they would have paid for the treatment. Quit your complaining and suck it up.

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