Avon, Indiana

Is there anyone that's got anything good to say about Gallagher/Bassett? All the posts are horror stories of suffering people whose life's have been ruined when injured at work and are at the mercy of these clucks!

With this many complaints could we send this list to Lisa madigan in Illinois somehow? I am not so computer savvy to do this but can this be done? Im just one more horror story like everyone else!

It's a long tale and would take some time to read! I DON'T HAVE A GOOD THING TO SAY ABOUT THESE SCUDEL BUMS!!

  • Lisa Madigan
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I can't believe that there was only one GB employee not using bad syntax our horrible grammar. Please don't insult other bloggers by correcting them.

I too have had an awful experience with GB. In fact, my husband now refers to them as Gallagher and Bastards. I have gone to see the doctors that THEY recommend and they are not paying that doctor' s bills. By the way, I was in a car accident wherein my car was totaled.

I was on the job at the time so there is no making up stuff.

There is a police record as proof. They are jokers and theives.


You're in the minority anonymous. We have had literally millions of claims and most of the people walk away from it fine.

Of course you're going to see bad things about the company online, when have you ever seen websites designed for glowing compliments, no one would waste their time with that.

You should look up any other company and see how massive their lists are compared. Be rational.


Pissedadjuster and october10,

just a suggestion; if you are going to hide behind a computer and call other people uneducated, you might want to utilize proper English while doing so. It becomes painfully obvious that you are lacking when you are unable to even use the correct spelling of the word "write" (not "right" in that context).


1. there should be a period between "right" and "We" in the first sentence.

2. it is "uneducated", not "un educated",

4. it is "people who expect", not "who expects"

3. should be "their, not "there"

4.should be "..each state HAS different", not "HAVE"

5."..lying people THAT say THEY'RE injured", not the train wreck you wrote.

it just goes on from there with more errors than I care to bother with. Long story short, if you are an adjuster, I think I see why there are so many issues getting the injured people paid.

Back to school with you, "Pissedadjuster"


Oftober10 you are so right we are dealing with some un educated people who expects to gt rich from there company.. That is why each state have different.

Aws.. They must think gb right the laws.. They forget about the injured workers who get paid on fraudulent settlements.. How about the lying people they say there injured and collect wc and working at another job..

Place the some blame there.. Not all of your claims reported or true..lying claimants..


get some education. do some research.

Take it up with your STATE. if GB was so horrible, they wud have been put out of business a long time ago.......GB is following the LAW.

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