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I was severely injured and Gallagher Bassett straight ignored all of my medical evidence. From day one they investigated me as if I were some criminal.

They sent me to one IME doctor and I caught him in a bold face lie with a hidden camera. They scheduled another IME and I caught that doctor in a lie also. They didn't care because all they were doing is building a case for the lawsuit. After the final denial the found two more doctors to agree with the IME doctors so they could have 4 doctors against me in court.

They told me that even though my medical evidence are correct they will strike it in court under the hearsay rule. Of course I've out argued them on that and now they are going to file a peremptory exception summary judgment and I will fight that yet these guys have been paying people off. It's not even about the money. They get their rocks off to seeing people suffer in pain.

They will fight with the policy holding company and insurance carrier and they'll all conspire together and spend a million dollars to make sure you don't get a dime and in the end they get big tax breaks and will write the loss off anything.

This company and all their associates are pure evil corporate f***s but I have a surprise for them. Lol they say nothing is wrong with me and I can return to work without restrictions lmfao after all I did and this is what I get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Workers Compensation Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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That is a very poorly written complaint.

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