I got hurt on the job and was on workmans comp. At first they tried to mess around with my checks then after the workmans comp has gone on longer than they wanted so they called my job, Told them to fire me because they say I falsified information on my application and then began calling all my pass employers gathering info.

I did not falsify anything. They won't tell me what I falsified. All of us who have been burnt by this company should come together and compare notes and sue the company for all the pain and suffering and humiliation they have caused. If you like this idea post it on facebook.

calling all victims of Gallagher Bassett and may be sue the adjusters individually. Start looking into their past and warn everyone who will listen about this company. Maybe we should take it to channel 9 news and let them help us. They have to be stopped.

They take our rights our dignity and ability to just feel like a human being while we are hurting, scared and alone. I feel like they prey on our weaknesses.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #628686

and if it is such a bad company... then why all the awards?

you can sit there and say you dont care about that and the awards mean nothing but they do.

im pretty sure GB would have been shut down by now if all these complaints were true seeing as the have been around for 50 years and havent changed how they run since then.. and they seem to be doing a pretty *** good job at it.

Denver, Colorado, United States #628683

you people make me laugh. im sorry you would rather sit on your *** and have the state pay for you while your paper cut heals.

if you really had a problem with your checks you would have avoided the situation in the first place or you would have accepted whatever work you job would give you while you were healing. and if they had no work for you maybe... get a new job HMMMMMM. so pathetic to see you people gripeing about how gallagher bassett this gallagher bassett that..

maybe you should realize its your employer who makes the decisions with your checks and or whether or not they can accomodate you while you are healing. pay attention people.

to ha Roselle, New Jersey, United States #629229

You are a ***. Lets hope you never get hurt.

to ha Arlington, Tennessee, United States #652254

Sir or madam you are an ***! If you're hurt, why would you even consider going to work. When apparently if they are paying you WC it has been proven that you were in fact hurt on the job.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #604101

I think you should definitely take this to Channel 9 News. This is just an out-and-out outrage and stuff.

to Stinky? #604332

For your information Gallagher Bassett is the largest 3rd party insurance adminstrator in the country. They are a Business Insurance Award Recipient.

2008, 2009 & 2010 Reader's Choice Award - Best Third-Party Administrator. 2011 Buyers Choice Award.. For your information Gallagher Bassett is the largest 3rd party insurance adminstrator in the country;. They are a Business Insurance Award Recipient|.

2008, 2009 & 2010 Reader's Choice Award - Best Third-Party Administrator/. 2011 Buyers Choice Award,. For your information Gallagher Bassett is the largest 3rd party insurance adminstrator in the country'. They are a Business Insurance Award Recipient!.

2008, 2009 & 2010 Reader's Choice Award - Best Third-Party Administrator?.

2011 Buyers Choice Award. :grin

to TRW #605628

Its obvious from your comment that you have never suffered at their hands. I couldn't give a stuff how many awards they have won!

they need to be investigated by the human rights commission and be charged for breaches of the privacy act. complete and utter bastards in my book.

They do not give a toss how injured you are or how much you are suffering as long as they can throw you off the ssytem and get their bonus. Wake up and listen to the victims of this company !!!

to gunnado Denver, Colorado, United States #628688

we dont get bonuses for claims whether they are accepted or denied at all but good try.

to TRW New York City, New York, United States #610116

you've got to be kidding me..you obviously work for the company..your comments scream EMPLOYEE-you are obviously not prive to what is really going on and how they do business. You need to get our head out of your bosses *** and come along with us who have been screwed or those of us who have been tried to be screwed over by GB..and I can say that with proof (otherwise i would have just sounded like another pissed off "victim" of GB) but now I have proof and my boss is in a twist that I have to be allowed to return to my job after GB attempted to terminate me with the 'management' (i use the term loosely)team behind them..GB needs to first look at their doctors who do their alleged "Independent Medical Exams" (IME's)maybe GB needs to hire an independent company to go undercover and see with their own eyes and check to see if these phoney doctors (some of them) are indeed doing the exams they say they are performing on the client (how can an IME be done without ANY of the patients own doctors reports to look at??

what are they afraid of learning from these reports-the patient might really be unable to work??..oh, that will never work-what was i thinking?

I feel for you all that got screwed by GB and could not prove it for whatever reason..good luck to all of you..make sure you write your state Worker's Compensation Board if you feel you are getting unfairly treated by GB and i bet that you are.Tape your IME'S--it's the law and your right to do so.probably in every state for sure in NYS... DON'T GIVE UP.

to Stinky? Pleasanton, California, United States #605131

Go to your local Department of Industrial Affairs website, then go to DWC there will be a form to file all complaints against third parties like Gallagher Bassett. The DWC will only look into them if they are inundated with complaints and/or if negative media attention (that is deserved) is placed on those who hire GB as there third party WC carrier.

to Riki2 Pleasanton, California, United States #605135

Also on the Better Business Bureau website there are only 2 negative posts. I wish I could get everyone to post on these sites!

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