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I need info about what this so call insurance company well 3rd party administration gallagher bassett done against you im in las vegas but if we stand together we can do something about gallagher bassett committing fraud and bad actions against hard working ppl

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This gallagher basset needs to be put out of business by the state departments of insurance. Have a claim pending where my neighbor had a tree cut down by some idiots having state national insurance and claims administered by these thieves.

Tree fell on my driveway and damaged it. Neighbor had video proof and GB has done nothing by jack me around on resolving the claim


Has anyone been successful in sueing Gallengher and Bassett. They can ruin lives and get away with it


It is truly impossible to work with Gallagher Bassett representatives. This firm has its on terms to close workers compensation cases.

The communication is very poor. The worst part of the Gallagher Bassett reps are not the insurance company. My insurance company is Zurich North America. I made the effort to call my insurance claims adjuster.

But front desk hide the person I am to work with. Gallagher Bassett will make an effort to pull the wool over your eyes and take food and monies out of your life and exploit you to be a pauper. It is vital that Zurich Insurance Company learns and understand that we are Americans that reside and function in a democratic bipartisan government. We expect to sit at the rectangle table and see assigned terms.

Should those terms not fit our needs a win win negotiation is to take place, Zurich Insurance company has zero sum risk managers honing in on injured Americans welfare--it is devastating to be locked in a grid. Whether you need a neck brace, cane, commode, medication, a seeing eye dog. Gallagher Bassett will see out a way to remove cost, need and change in health care. Their motto is to change the minds of the claimant.

If I lose the right to be with a man and give birth to a child it is okay with me. Because my end result would be to die on the birthing table and leave my child motherless, or my partner goes to prison because it is assumed he took his intimacy too far. This firm and or corporation is out to murder anyone weak and shift it on the gullible. They will have you evicted, toy with your credit any sort of street thug behavior they can agree upon they will divide and conquer becuase the believe they are God.

Do not get pissed, *** get better. Make your claim sweeter and research every misleading and misguided story their paid puppets


I've been fighting them since 2016, my lawyer claims they haven't responded. ..........maybe the lawyer is on their side


they neglect, lie and threaten


I'm in Vegas dealing with this *** company unfortunately. I decided to hire a lawyer to protect them from screwing me


I hope you didn't get a attorney firm Ralph schwartz or a firm named Harris and Harris it's a husband and wife off of alta st and rancho or the attorney named brent percival but the one I filed with the state Bar and they found him guilty was the firm Harris and Harris and he tried to lie to the nv state Bar and they pretty much called him a lier in so many words you can email me for info at I try g to get a lawsuit against Gallagher bassett


Gallagher Bassett is full of rejects from real insurance people. They don’t do anything to help because they get a bonus on how much they screw people out of.

Something has to be done. Hurt workers don’t have the capabilities to pay lobbyists to go fight for laws to help the “little guys”. I already met with the state, Linda Coleman lies straight to the state worker.

She knew she was lying because she read the emails. I wonder what *** swamp they recruit there people from.


We have been dealing with our rental claim from a fire since May 2018... we would join a class action!!

@Pissed off

Have you been switched claims adjusters more than once and have they sent a field investigator yet?


Class action lawsuit will get thier attention.


I have been waiting 4 weeks for my claim check.theu told me it was mail 6days ago. When I called the they had no pollution for me now I'm being told I should have it by Monday.

The beginning of week 5...are you kidding me. What should I then tell my landlord, car note and Insurance Co.


It's been 5 months for me and no pay..Congrats on getting a payment