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This place has some really rude and hateful claims adjusters working for them.I called to get authorization on a Work Comp claim for a patient and this claims adjuster named Kenya Miller was just rude and hateful to me and did not want to give authorization on the claim for the patient to be seen by the Dr.

It seems they will do and say anything they can to keep from having to pay a claim for anyone! I feel sorry for any employee that has to deal with Gallagher Bassett on a Work Comp issue. Beware!!! You will be treated badly and sent through the ringer if you work for any company that has Gallagher Bassett as a Work Comp company.

They are a scam!!! Ask your employer when you are hired who their Work Comp company is.

If they say it is Gallagher Bassett start looking for another job!If you get hurt on your job you will pay the price if this company has anything to say about it!

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These people are rude nasty and ugly.It's bad enough that I am in constant pain, but you leave messages for them and they don't even have the decency to call you back.

They DIDN'T send me a letter of denial - - no correspondence at all !!!! So by the time I called, and called, and called and called....I got a supervisor to email a copy. By that time it was too late for me to file an appeal successfully. Then again, I call and call and call and call to get someone to acknowledge that they received the appeal.

They still don't call you back.

This bi**h tells me WELL WE DON'T WORK FOR YOU SO WE DON'T HAVE TO CALL YOU BACK....WE WORK FOR YOUR EMPLOYER !!Now I have to hire an attorney and I don't think that will go anywhere.

American Fork, Utah, United States #600334

Vice President for gallagher bassett phone numbers call and and call again that's what I had to do to get things moving. Cell 404-3547449 work 770-719-2314 his name is joe berrios

to Anonymous Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #657964

Great information. Thank you so much

to Anonymous #916984

I feel such relief from these threads.Gallagher Basset almost makes you think you are crazy.

They have basically financially destroyed me despite their IME agreeing with my doctors permanent partial disability ratings. They didn't pay me my first check for over 13 weeks and that was almost two years ago. They delayed treatment and refused to pay doctors, refused to mail checks, refused to follow commissioners ruling and the CONNECTICUT WORKERS COMP COMMISSIONERS DONT DO A *** THING. No penalties for undue delay.

They offer no incentive for them to follow the law. I want to move out of CT. My case will be ending hopefully within a few months but WHEN MY CASE IS OVER I HAVE PROMISED MY STORY TO A LOCAL NEWS STATION!!! They are interested and we have been gathering information for a story!!!

So readers!!! THERE WILL BE JUSTICE! I promise I will follow through for all the aggravation I have been through and so that other injured workers won't face the disgusting treatment of Gallagher Basset but especially the WCC. Did you know that GB funds the WCC in several ways?

You'll have to wait to watch the story on TV to see the juicy details. GB is going to get theirs!

Be well, move on and know you're not a bad person because you were hurt at work probably giving your all!You just work for an employer that lacks integrity.


Hurt at my job and I am off work since the 16th August 2012 until now.Cannot get an MRI done by them for my back injury and still living with pain everyday.

I am a single parent with 2 kids going to school and no money or pay check from them.

Hope one day they feel the pain they are causing people like me.Can the federal government check them for all these corruption and suffering they are causing the poor people.

to Urmena Sahadat Deer Park Texas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #732632

You need a good attorney.I bet then in 2006.Won my case for $150,000.00.

That is after sitting at home for 3 yrs.Got payed every week.They did the same to me until I hired my attorney.Then the s--- stop.Now as of 1-4-2013, I am hurt again with my right shoulder.Not a problem.They have payed for everything.They are real ***.They are also not a ins co.They are a 3th party billing co for the co you work for.Good luck.dont give up,and kick there ***.Wes

to Urmena Sahadat Deer Park Texas Reedsport, Oregon, United States #919125

Some States like Oregon you can get a Work Comp lawyer that cant charge you. I think they get paid when they win your case by the work comp carrier and if they lose they can petition to recover costs from insurer if your case had reasonable reason to argue.


I thought they were just rude to me they dont answer the phones an send checks when they want its like nobody is over looking them i had to call my job on them to get my check rite


Having a lawyer doesn't seem to help either, they just play gamed with them too.Gallagher Bassett and their adjusters play with people's lives.

They're paid to do what they do and it makes the injured hurt more. They take forever in reimbursing and paying you.

I wonder how would they feel if they don't get their paycheck or have money to feed their family or pay their bills.I hope they burn in *** and suffer at some point in their life due to harm they cause on others.


I've been calling l.Hodge's. An she's not returning my call's and on the brink of losing my home an car. WTF does any insurance regulator agency care about there practices?

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