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Oakland, CA- As a licensed PI and ex-cop, I often play the role of Public Advocate for those not equipped to fend for themselves. That being said, I called Katie Lane, a Claims Rep for Gallagher Bassett Services today and advised her that I was calling on behalf of an insured female, Disabled on the Job.

SHE STARTED SCREAMING AT ONCE! With no precursor or warning, this Gallagher Bassett Services executive began spewing venom at such a rate that had I been standing next to her, she would have spat on me. I tried to get a word in as we have documentation that a Physical Therapy prescription was sent to Gallagher Bassett Services and Ms. Lane on March 4, 2017, she wouldn't listen.

Today is April 25th. Countless calls to Ms. Lane were made and never returned. Her answer, for not responding in six weeks was, "I'm busy" "DON'T CALL ME MAM" With Ms.

Lane hollering for naught, I said, "Lady, calm down." SHE said, "Don't call me lady." So I said, "Mam, could you please," She then screamed, "Don't Call Me Mam." This is a 12 year employee of Gallagher Bassett Services who when I asked for her Supervisor's number, she said, "Here it is, the dial tone, ha-ha" and hung up. GALLAGHER BASSETT STINKS & KATIE LANE IS EVIL! As a Licensed PI, I am well acquainted with the horrible, truculent and out right evil people that are in the insurance business. But in my 4 decades, Ms.

Katie Lane of Gallagher Bassett Services is the worst human being I have ever had contact with in a "Customer Relations" role. I will be filing the appropriate paperwork with the California Dept. of Insurance and the Attorney General's office will be made aware as I believe there is a possibility that there are tens, if not 100's of victims of Katie Lane's inhuman practices. KATIE LANE FOLLOWS GALLAGHER BASSETT PROTOCOL?

I do not believe this is a lone, isolated incident. The Dept. of Insurance and Gallagher Bassett Services should reopen every case Ms. Lane has adjusted and see if she how many lives she, as an employee of Gallagher Bassett Services, has ruined or impacted negatively.

In closing, it is my hope that you never, ever have to deal with a woman with such an evil and demeaning personality. TWITTER PARODY PAGE ON SEE U NEXT TUESDAY KATIE! https://twitter.com/KatieLaneGWS Pedro Fernandez Note: Mr. Fernandez is an award winning journalist, former San Francisco Policeman, licensed CA P.


and hosts seven hours of talk radio heard around the world on IHeart, Sportsbyline, Sirius XM, ITunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, AFN Radio and other smaller distributors. He can be reached at aaadinv@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Gallagher Bassett Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is a nasty company very corrupt to the core, I got hurt on the job and sustained nerve damage in my left foot and had not received a check since this happened , 6 months, the employer teams up with them to make it look like nothing happened on the job by throwing away the doctors notes and I incident reports , something must be done


A one sided approach too in the UK there is no way they will pay a claim no matter how legitimate. I didn't find them easy to deal with and they just try and frustrate you into submission so their client in this case Veolia doesn't have to pay out, even though I had a witness that they decided to ignore.


Is anyone getting anywhere? Did the insurance commissioner or attorney general respond to you? I’m at a loss at this point my attorney tells me they are untouchable and I just can’t believe this is possible...I’ve written a number of people for help with no luck and was planning to reach out to the AG, DOL and insurance commission.


She is not the only one.....Norma Guillen - Plano, Texas is her twin sister. Something needs to be done about this company and the people who work there.....

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