Crime scene van backed into my parked car. Adjuster doesn't return my calls until one month later.

Asked how much I paid for my car, was it new or used, brought or leased. And the icing on the cake was her asking how I knew it was a city employee, was I there and did I see it happen and to describe the van. Can someone explain why it was relevant that my ca was leased or brought and how much I paid for it??? Liars.

Still waiting for a letter sent to me at the beginning of the month and a voicemail they left also. Again liars. Oh and they keep pushing for me to go thru my insurance instead of having them pay. Why should I pay for something that was not my fault?

I had placed 3 calls and 1 to her supervisor before the adjuster felt she should call me. Then when she calls me back she sounds upset that she has to speak to me. At this point I'm the one conducting the investigation since I'm getting the report, names of witnesses and city employee involved. I can't wait to not have to deal with these morons again.

She asked me 4 different times if my car was leased, like she could not believe it was brought. Couldn't give me the address where she supposedly sent the letter so I'm assuming it was wrong and gave it to her again.......

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