Do not work for Gallagher Bassett Services unless you are starving to death. They are a joke of a company. They act and pretend that they are a small family company but are in reality a worldwide corporation.

Multiple headhunters have told me that GB is known for underpaying and grossly overworking their employees. Their computer system is terrible and from the stone age. It is a workers comp system that they keep trying to shoe horn to fit all types of claims. They must have bought it at some corporate Wal Mart somewhere because it was cheap. The company benefits are a joke. They already have done away with their retirement program. GB pays well below the industry average and they have not given any raises to their employees for years. With no COLA you actually make less money every year you stay there. You have to be an employee for five years before you get a third week of vacation and even if you have worked there for 20 years, still only three weeks.

Many of GB's supervisors are grossly inept. Some are so bad that employees quit just to get away from a supervisor lest they have a mental breakdown. Instead of dealing with the problem super, GB simply allows employees to quit or fires the ones who actually fight back. The workload at GB is just back braking. Many adjusters have pending of over 300 claims. They act like they care, but they don't. The smartest thing you can do as a GB employee is to realize THEY DON'T CARE. The sooner you come to that realization the sooner your life gets better.

The problem with GB is that it was formed as a bad business model. Instead of streamlining they just slap on another lump of clay to the model when they want to do something new. What you have is a claims company that is run by salesman. A recipe for failure. One would think you could drop any adjuster into any GB office anywhere in the country and things would be done the same way. Oh how wrong you would be. Not only is there no uniformity among offices in the same city, you can't even get the same procedures among supervisors in the same office.

Do yourself a favor and run away from this company if they offer you a job. They will use you up, suck the life out of you and toss you aside. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1211216

The review by this employee is 100 percent true.

Irvine, California, United States #678623

I agree. Worked there for 6 years.

If you look up cronyism and nepotism in the dictionary, you will find GB.

They tell you they have no money for raises, yet their stock price keeps rising every day and Mr. Pat Gallagher keeps giving himself raises.


Boy you sure did hit it on the head! Add to it that they are manipulative, cut throat and just plain nasty.


I know Norm Darling did not post #2 since he is a big dog at GB. GB's biggest mistake was closing branches, laying off loyal employees, and outsourcing to India.

WE are all over worked and underpaid but you are wrong about one thing.

Some GB employees DO CARE. I know I Do.

I care about my clients and the claimants

I may die at my desk, but at least I will die knowing I cared. Except for the ones that file bogus claims and try to take advantage of the system.




And, after putting in over twenty years, they will fire you and cast you aside like an old shoe to avoid paying your increasing medical costs.

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