Oyster Bay, New York
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I tripped on a carpet in the Trader Joes, and a rep from the insurance company took a recorded statement from me and said she would interview witnesses to the incident. Less than one week later (today) I got a letter telling me the company interviewed employees and will be unable to offer me compensation for my injuries (numerous xrays and a CAT scan).

Slimy. Meantime, the carpet was removed, and the floor is still shiny and slippery.

Just wait until a little old lady/man or a child or another customer falls in that store. It lost me as a customer for good.

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these people must be Crooks.we'll see,we are about to test them!!!


Did you ever think that maybe the EMPLOYEE'S of the company (Trader Joes) thought you were slimy and said that you were faking your fall? Dont blame GB or the adjuster for denying your claim.

They were not there when you allegedly fell. They have to rely on statements that they obtained from those employee's.

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